There’s so many reasons why to travel!
I guess from my perspective, it can best be summarized by three L’s.

LIVE – The best part of travelling to me is the excitement. There’s something about  exploring and experiencing things for the first time, kinda like your first kiss and all the butterflies you would have felt. I love being able to try new foods and doing crazy things that make a certain place famous! There’s something about the adventure that seems to fill this “gap” in my life and makes it feel like something more than a cyclical routine.

LAUGH – I feel like this is something everyone already knows, but travelling is the perfect way to forget your worries and have fun! On a recent trip to Tanzania, many of the locals I met seemed to have a mantra of “Hakuna Matata”. Yes, that is the saying from Disney’s The Lion King that means “no worries” or “no problem”. I definitely know how tough it is to get that chance to relax with the never-ending responsibilities  of work, family life, personal life…etc…etc.. Travelling, even if just for a short period of days or weeks is a simple way to escape. Don’t bring you work phone so you can whole-heartedly spend time with your friends and family. Sharing those moments of laughter, creates those ever previous memories, and we all know that memories = priceless.

LEARN – I remember learning this Chinese saying phrase in elementary that loosely translates to “the frog in the well”.  Basically the story behind it is that there is a frog that has lived in this well his whole life. He felt so comfortable in it that he thought he knew everything about life. One day a bird (or fly or something) flew into the well, and the frog and this winged creature started talking about life. The frog thought the bird was ridiculous talking about clouds and wind and grass… things the frog had never seen before. That night while the frog was sleeping, a child from a nearby village found this well and decided to bring home some water for his family. The frog accidentally was brought up out of the well and out into the real world. When the frog woke up, he was distraught. He did not know what to do…. and I forgot the end of the story…

Summary, Learn about the world! Learn everything that it has to offer! From things such has, how to cook with different herbs, how to have fun in different parts of the world, learn about the culture and how people live from different countries. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn about yourself in the process. Things you love. Things you hate. Things you thought you were never capable but somehow found the courage to do. History, language… there’s so much out there that the world can offer 🙂

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