WHO’S THAT BEHIND EatTravelRepeat?

Hi there! My name is Brian. I am  born and raised in Canada, but have always had a “thing” for travelling, eating, eating while traveling and trying to maximize every bit of time available. My favourite part of travelling is that feeling you get, where you FINALLY get to that place where you have been dreaming about forever  to see that thing  you saw on TV or in a magazine… that feeling of AWE where you can reimagine that one movie scene, think about how people lived in the past, feel the energy of the nature around you or you do that something crazy at the top of your bucket list for a life long memory.

Half the fun is experiencing, and the other half is sharing those experiences and telling those tales. Sharing with someone who went through those experiences with you, so you can spend hours on end discussing how sick life was “back then”. Or using those memories to inspire  someone else to take the same leap of faith and go on an adventure. That’s what EatTravelRepeat is for me. Trying to connect with people with similar experiences and trying to inspire YOU to step outside your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer!


The world is a book, not taking the chance to travel is like limiting yourself to reading only one page.